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dinsdag 17 september 2013

Yes ! is going to sponsor me with a new kiteboard, ,...not a normal one, but a sit-kiteboard.
This is going to be shaped especially for me, if all works well, I hope to get on the water asap to train,...
Train for what ? ,....well what about crossing the Englisch channel !!,.....this is my next goal,..
After several years of racing on the highest level, Personal speed records on the drylakes in Las Vegas,..3 years in a row,...Also a EC 4th ranking in 2012,...I think it is time to do something more now.
Peter Lynn Kites will provide the Kites, will provide the board,
Xxtreme will make the structure on the board,..
Only thing I need is to train, train and train, get myself prepared to do the trip.
I will certainly never stop Kite buggying, but this is my personal extention of the kitesport ..with a handicap,.
I will keep you informed ,....
good winds !.

zondag 10 februari 2013

Long time Ago,...

So, was a long time ago since I could write on my blog,...lost some credentials to enter and edit my blog,....hopefully some more news in the future..

vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

European Championships Hoylake 5-9 September

Hi there,

To long ago since I posted something here on my blog !,.....preparing of the EC's at Hoylake is taking lots of time, aswell as my holidays with family !....

For you information, next week the 4th we are heading with the Dutch Team to the EC's to compete with the euro top pilots, and it is always fun to stay in the UK with the brits !.

I try to keep you all posted, but I cannot promise.....
Check link of the Euro's:
Website European Championships

Cheers and good winds,
Team Captain Dutch Team

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

2nd Place overal rankings @ Dutch Nationals 2010/2011

Finally after 16 races we closed the series for 2010/2011....
result is that I became 2nd in the overal rankings and Arie became 1st, so he is the new Dutch champion !.

zondag 3 april 2011

NABX 2011,..almost finished,....packing gear,..

Yep, that was it,. NABX 2011,...our good friend Dean Jordan ( organiser NABX) become sick after the first day with some heart problems, luckly the Doctor in the Hospital helped him wel, and were monitoring him closely, I do not know the exact details from what is going on,but they said that he could leave the hospital next theusday, Get well soon Dean we missed you on the playa !!!!

Further on, no specials things happened, this is another NABX as we are used to, not much wind,just fun with cruising and partying in the evening,...Marijn, our rep. from Peter Lynn products shot some very nice pictures, can't wait to see them all !!. hereunder you find some pictures from our morning session this morning on the last day , just before we packed our gear. at 5 o'clock Arjen woke us up as there was a lot of wind blowing , ,we went to the playe in the dark, and yes wind was popping up !!,. Arje did a run with a speed of "only"96 km/h, when the wind dropped, and it was gone... during the day it picked up a bit and we were paking our gear,... as it need to be back for shipping,.

So, this was a great event again, we didn't heb the opportunity to go realy fast, but maybe next year,..
By this we want to thank Ricardo and Maria, for the best support one can get, !! awesome guys, we love you ! We also want to thank the complete NABX team for all their efforts, to make tih gerat event, even bigger then last year !!, and Dean , get well soon bro !, we missed you !,...Lenka thanks for the great editing and support you gave us !...

Good winds,
Ozzy, Arjen,Ruudje, ....Team Xxtreme,...Holland,.

woensdag 30 maart 2011

NABX 2011,..uuuh Day 4 ?? or something ?!?,...

So, forgeting wich day it is, I looked out of the window and yes, wind,.. again,... so we were up for a relax session on the playa, during the day normally the wind comes up a bit, but, I think today wil be a day for meeting more pilots and more beer !.

Yestyerdag we played a bit around with some kites, but all just for fun, no real speeds ...
What the hell is this for are buggy ?!?

Ofer Epstein, the First Apexx in Israel ,... another happy Apexx rider,.