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zondag 20 februari 2011

Xxtreme Grips, Pre-Release !!

At last,.... the first batch of Xxtreme Grips are available, easy to use, NO problems anymore with damaged harnes lines. NO anoying gripends conflicting each other, made from the highest quality materials, like always from Xxtreme !.

Xxtreme Grips
Sizes available 35cm - 40cm - 44cm
3 sizes

Special "Constrictor Knot"

The knot used for the grips is the so called "contrictor knot", as seen below how to make it.
When tighten the knot, it is almost impossible to loosen it, so it is important to adjust the harnes cord in you correct lenght, after that ,pull to tighten, then make you upper lines as short as possible, so that during looping , you also do not have any conflicts with the knots.

The "Constritor Knot"
Prices are :
35 cm = € 43,-
40 cm = € 45,-
44 cm = € 47,-

As this is a Pre-release, non packing, exclusive shipping.
For the USA and Canada , please contact

Good winds !.
Xxtreme Grips used at the NABX 2010